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Celebs who look even more stunning without makeup

Embracing the natural beauty one was given is something our society continues to struggle with, attempting to paint over any blemishes with makeup and Photoshop. Thanks to all the glitz and glamour surrounding celebrities, it seems impossible for non-famous people to stack up to the incredibly high beauty standards Hollywood sets.

That’s why it’s so refreshing to catch a glimpse of celebs’ real-life beauty through their makeup-free images. Not only are these no-makeup shots completely relatable, they’re also seriously empowering, encouraging all women to show off and be proud of how they look without any bit of makeup on.

From singers to TV and movie stars, check out the makeup-free celebs who look gorgeous completely au naturel.

Jennifer Lopez

Jenny from the Block is no stranger to a makeup-free Instagram, especially before big shows. JLo likes to show her followers what it’s like during the calm before the storm that is concert prep. In this video she explains how she gets mentally prepared before her big Las Vegas residency concert with “no makeup, no hair, no nothing.” There’s no denying she looks stunning. Is it just us, or is her skin glowing perfection?


Since singing hits like Get Up, Like a Boy, and Goodies, Ciara has taken a bit of a break to get married and have kids. In fact she just recently gave birth to her second child. She may not be performing much these days, but we still get to see her on red carpets and social media. Although we’re used to seeing her brows a little fuller and her lips a little brighter, we never doubted that the new mother was a natural beauty. Now, thanks to this completely bare-faced shot, there’s proof.

Drew Barrymore

Even though Drew Barrymore has her own makeup line called Flower Beauty, you will often find makeup-free images while scrolling through her Instagram. Maybe even more than those of her wearing makeup. Although there’s no denying this former child star and current star of The Santa Clarita Diet is proud of her natural self, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have fun playing with different makeup. After all, it is another way to express oneself.

Emmy Rossum

Rossum started out as an opera singer, and has since made quite a name for herself as both an actress and feminist. Between fighting for equal pay on Shameless and sharing Option B’s message and impact, Rossum is not shy or quiet about equality and women’s rights. Embracing her natural her beauty, makeup-free is just one more thing to add to the list of her feminist acts.

Jenna Dewan Tatum

The host of NBC’s World of Dance Jenna Dewan Tatum knows a thing or two about looking fabulous, no matter what she’s doing or wearing. She shared this #WokeUpLikeThis selfie during her takeover of the Women’s Health Instagram account (later reposted to her own Instagram account) before she documented what her whole daily routine looks like for all of the Women’s Health followers. As far as she’s come since her her Step Up days — a husband, a baby, an amazing lip sync battle — she doesn’t look all that different, with and without makeup.