The Best Ways to Send Files Wirelessly

Want to share a file wirelessly? There are dozens of methods to do so, from attaching it to an email to uploading it to social media. But not all of your options are equally secure. In fact, to keep prying eyes away from your data, we recommend that you send your file through a direct device-to-device connection. Your […]

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Your Smart Speakers are Listening to You

Your friendly neighborhood smart speaker can do everything from dictate recipes to control door locks. On the less positive side, it’s also capable of eavesdropping on your conversations and activities. What’s a privacy-concerned citizen to do? To better predict your whims, your smart speaker logs your voice commands in cloud storage. If that makes you uncomfortable, then you can […]

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5 Common Types Of Business Correspondence

Business correspondence is a form of written communication used for business purposes. It is usually made between organizations, within the organization, or between clients and the organization. Email can be considered as a form of business correspondence when used to represent a company or for the purpose of the business. Written communication is important in […]

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